Visa Support

The 7th Annual IASS Conference Visa Support

To obtain a visa to attend the 7th Annual International Conference of the International Association for Silk Road Studies (IASS) 2022 to be held in Dubai, United Arab Emirates, many embassies will require a visa letter as part of the visa application process. To request a visa letter for the conference, you MUST meet one of the following criteria:

  • Have a paper accepted for presentation at the conference. (Please visit EDAS if you are not sure of the status of your paper)
  • Have registered AND paid in full for the conference. (Proof of your conference registration is needed)
  • Be a keynote speaker, a member of one of the conference committees or a member of the General Assembly.

Please read the information below carefully and proceed with the letter of invitation request, if necessary.

What Kind of Visa Support We Provide?

We can only issue the Visa support letter for the conference. No other kind of documentation will be provided for use of visa applications.

Conference invitation letter

We will provide you with a letter of invitation that clearly states the dates of the event, the organizer’s details, including contact information, and confirmation of your registration to attend the event at the event’s dates (22-24 February 2022) and location (Dubai, United Arab Emirates).

Please note that we will not refund anyone for cancellations due to visa rejections or participant’s inability to enter the United Arab Emirates.

Before You Submit a Request for the Conference invitation letter

  • Make sure that you have registered to attend the event and completed your payment. Requests without proof of payment will not be accommodated.
  • Check whether you indeed require a visa to travel to the United Arab Emirates. We strongly advise participants to personally check entry and visa requirements before making travel arrangements at least 3 months ahead of time, as there might be country-specific conditions that you are not aware of.
  • Prepare your passport information to submit in the request.
  • Check your passport validity.

Visa Request Form