Dr Farrukh Habib

Dr. Farrukh HABIB

Co-Founder of Shariah Experts (London) and Alif Technologies (Dubai)

Dr. Farrukh Habib is the Co-Founder of Shariah Experts (London, United Kingdom) and Alif Technologies (Dubai, United Arab Emirates). He is an expert in fintech, finance and shariah. He is an advisor, consultant, trainer, and product architect with a vast global experience of more than eight years. He is involved in various projects under Islamic fintech and halal digital economy. He has also developed his own proprietary shariah-compliance screening criterion for crypto-assets. He is also the editor and reviewer of various reputable academic journals.

Previously, he was a researcher and advisor at the International Shari’ah Research Academy for Islamic Finance (ISRA), an institute under the Central Bank of Malaysia. He has a strong educational background, with a PhD in Islamic finance from Malaysia; a master’s degree in banking and finance from the United Kingdom; a master’s and bachelor’s degree in economics from Pakistan. He has also received traditional Islamic education for 8 years, acquiring another master’s and bachelor’s degree in Islamic studies.