IASS 2022 Conference

The IASS International Conference

The Annual International Academic Conference of IASS (the International Association for Silk-Road Studies) 2022 is the 7th in a series of successful conferences on Land and Maritime Silk Road studies organized by the International Association for Silk-Road Studies (IASS) and hosted by the Canadian University Dubai from February 20 to 24, 2022.

The IASS annual conference series was started in Gyeongju, Korea (IASS 2015). After its initiation, the following conferences were held in Dunhuang, China (IASS 2016), in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam (IASS 2017), in Gyeongju, Korea (IASS 2018), in Moscow, Russia (IASS 2019), and Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia (IASS 2021).

The high standards, impact, and quality of the IASS conferences have been highly recognized by the world’s social, humanity and art related research community. It is hoped that these can be extended to the community of natural scientists from this year’s IASS conference in Dubai during the period in which the Expo 2020 Dubai is to be held.